The First Images of iPhone 16 Ultra Compared to iPhone 15 Pro Max
For quite some time, there have been rumors swirling about the upcoming iPhone 15 lineup. The new collection is scheduled to be released in the autumn. However, we now have our first glimpse of the iPhone 16 Ultra, although it's still more than a year away. Reports indicate that Apple plans to retain the Pro Max branding for its flagship model this year. Nevertheless, there are some suggestions that the iPhone 16 Ultra could potentially replace the iPhone 15 Pro Max in 2024.
Let's talk about the iPhone 16 Ultra. Sources state that Apple might opt for the Ultra branding for the iPhone 16 Pro Max to match the Apple Watch Ultra. Consequently, there is speculation that Apple may discontinue the Pro Max designation after this year. But what's truly intriguing at the moment are the leaked CAD renders of the iPhone 16 Ultra, which have been exclusively shared by 9to5Mac.
These leaked images showcase a side-by-side comparison of the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the iPhone 16 Ultra. As you can see, the 16 Ultra boasts a slightly larger screen, measuring 6.9 inches. In contrast, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a 6.7-inch display. Despite a mere 0.2-inch difference in screen size, the iPhone 16 Ultra appears to be taller and wider than its counterpart.
The dimensions of the iPhone 16 Ultra are said to be approximately 165 mm in height and 76.7 mm in width, while the 15 Pro Max will measure around 159.8 mm tall and 76.7 mm wide. This represents a significant increase in size, which raises questions about its portability and ease of use.
Additionally, the smaller variant, the iPhone 16 Pro, is expected to be slightly larger than the iPhone 15 Pro. It is rumored to feature a 6.3-inch display, surpassing the speculated 6.1-inch screen of the 15 Pro. Notably, analyst Ming-chi Kuo suggests that this size increase will enable Apple to incorporate a periscope zoom lens, a feature that may not be present in the iPhone 15 Pro.
While the sources providing this information are generally reliable, it's still too early to definitively determine Apple's plans for next year. It's advisable to approach these leaks with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Date: 26-05-2023, 11:58 AM